Friday, July 19, 2013

Popping In...

to say hello.  I've been pretty quiet in the blogging world lately.  Life has been busy.  This past week and next week, we have some down time before cheer leading practices start up for Ava.  She had her last game a week ago.

Ava's team had an awesome season for the games we were able to play, that didn't end up being rained out!  We had several of rained out games too.  We had one game (with our other softball team) that was a close game and they gave us a good run, but for the rest of the games, we dominated this year though and remained undefeated.  Our girls were definitely unstoppable this season and for as few practices as we were able to get in, it just amazes me how well they played together and how much better they got as the season progressed.  We were all a bit sad to see our season end though.  We are definitely looking forward to next season.  Fingers crossed these girls can stay together because they are only going to get better and better over time. 

These girls definitely meant business when they were up to bat or on the field.  

Giving every game all they had to give.  They also had awesome coaches this year too.  And we hope they have the same ones next year.  

I have dozens and dozens of photos to edit from this season and am about half way done is all.  I think Ava will have a scrapbook full of just softball photos from this season.  

Since we have two weeks in between her last softball game and the start of cheer leading practice we are trying to enjoy a little down time and relaxing around here.  We have been on the go a ton this summer with games. School officially starts back in 4 weeks for us.  :(  It makes me a bit sad to think we do not have a lot of time left and I know these next 4 weeks are going to be busy for us with practice, back to school shopping, and her 8th birthday coming up in August too.  My calendar is filling up with photo sessions too and that is keeping me quite busy as well.  I have a newborn session and another baseball team I am editing right now and then I need to finish up Ava's softball team photos.  

I hope your summer has been an enjoyable one so far!  We have definitely been enjoying ours quite a bit.  :)

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  1. Congratulations to Ava and her team. Sounds like they work well together, and it will be great if they can stay as a team, with the same coaches next year. I am sure she is looking forward to her cheering season. Nice to hear from you and catch up a bit! Have fun!!