Saturday, July 20, 2013

She lost it...

This past Tuesday Ava finally and I really do mean finally, lost her first tooth!  That's right I said her FIRST tooth.  I was hoping she would lose one over the summer, and also before her 8th birthday at that. We just got in under the wire with less than a month to go until she turns 8. 

There was a lot of wiggling going on and she was determined to get this tooth out on her own.  She would not let me pull it at all.  On Monday night, we spent literally a few hours wiggling it back and forth and this tooth was so loose.  Finally we called it a night and decided we would give it a go again on Tuesday.  Well Tuesday morning she wakes up and it came out all on it's own!  Talk about one excited little girl.  She was even more excited because she lost that tooth before her 5 year old cousin could lose a tooth of her own.  lol  Oh the drama that would have ensued had Olivia lost a tooth before her.  :)

Tuesday night she was so excited for the "tooth fairy" to make her arrival, she could barely sleep, and getting Ava to sleep was quite an event because she would lay there but just couldn't quite fall asleep.  All I know is the tooth fairy was getting quite tired waiting on her to fall asleep.  Thankfully the tooth fairy was able to sneak in, leave some money and grab the tooth without waking her up!  Whew!  

Now here we are a few days later and this kid has three other teeth that are a bit loose.  Not completely or extremely wiggly, but I am pretty sure they will be out in the next couple weeks.  We may have to start a soft foods diet with the lack of teeth she is going to have.  lol  Wonder what her 3rd grade photos are going to look like this year.  lol 


  1. I volunteer at a public school and am in a 1st grade classroom....there it is always a big deal to have a loose tooth and then to wiggle it all day until it comes out! I guess I missed that phase when I went to school. In the library they even have the tooth fairy house...down low where the children can peek inside.

  2. I'm so old I can hardly remember losing my baby teeth, but I DO remember the excitement of the Tooth Fairy coming, and being proud of toothless pictures! A special time for all youngsters, for sure!