Monday, October 7, 2013

Back To Reality...

Well now that the cooler days and chilly nights are slowly moving in, I am hoping to get back to the world of blogging.  I did very little of that over the summer as you can see.  It was a busy summer, but over all a good summer.  Ava wrapped up her softball season in July and with that we went almost right into cheer leading and all the practices for that.  Ava finally lost her first tooth on July 16th.  One year to the day of my Step-Dad's (her Poppy) passing.  She thought that was pretty neat because of the timing.  I told her, he was giving her something to celebrate.  So, she eagerly anticipated the arrival of the tooth fairy for the first time.  She has since lost 2 more teeth and has a couple more that are loose.  I tease her and tell her if she keeps losing all these teeth so quickly together she won't be able to eat a whole lot.  lol    

Ava turned 8 in mid-August.  She had a great birthday.  We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with family the night of her birthday and then afterwards I took Ava and my two oldest nieces to the mall and spent a small fortune there on all three girls.  lol She had a party with her friends the following weekend and anyone with little girls probably knows all about the store Justice and she received a lot of gift cards from there. I turned 3-ahem-6 the day after Ava's birthday. 40 is definitely staring me right in the face.  Though I have to say, I do not even feel close to 40 at all.  School started in mid August as well around here, and she is now in 3rd Grade.  She has yet another awesome teacher.  We have really lucked out with her getting great teachers every year. Our weekends have been busy with Ava cheering at the JFL games and also going to watch my nephew play for his school's JFL team.  He is a really good player and he loves playing.  He plays on both defense and offense.  It is so cool hearing him make plays and then hearing the announcer say his name and jersey number over the speaker.  He definitely makes us proud.  Yesterday was the last of the JFL football season for Ava's school/team and the team of JFL playesr she cheered for played awesome. They only lost one game and to another school that was undefeated as well.  Can't wait to watch these boys continue to play and the girls continue to cheer.  We have a banquet tomorrow to go to for the players and cheerleaders. 

Now, we have a couple weeks off and then we will be heading into basketball for Ava.  This will be the first year they are allowed to play and really it isn't competitive yet, but it is more like learning the game, preparing them for when they do play competitive play.  So this year they will be playing against each other, none-the-less, Ava is so excited for basketball to start.  She is also wanting to give volleyball a try once she is old enough to play that.  She definitely keeps me busy with all the stuff she is trying out.  I figure she can just try these things now and then find a couple sports she likes the best and we will stick with just a couple things and she can concentrate on those things.  She is also doing Girl Scouts but that is just every other week.  I was on the fence of letting her do Girl Scouts this year, but we will see what happens this year with how busy we are and if Ava still wants to do it after this year is over. 

I definitely feel like we are constantly on the go and it kind of makes me thankful I only have one child. Especially when I have nieces and nephews who also keep me busy with the things they do.  But I wouldn't want it any other way.  Well hopefully I won't be such a slacker when it comes to blogging more frequently. This weekend we have a family get together and are having a bonfire.  My cousin Megan is missing her family (she left for her first year of college in August) and she will be there.  I cannot wait to see her this weekend.  Should be a fun time for all of us and especially all the kids that will be there!  :) I have to say, I love coming from a family that has a lot of people in it.  Especially since we actually get along so well.