Friday, January 31, 2014

Hello, Hello, Hello...

I haven't blogged in so long on here, I think I might have forgotten how.  lol  I just spent a good portion of this morning after getting Ava off to school, updating the look of my blog.  The last several months have been super busy around here.  Ava finished her JFL cheerleading season in October and with that came the start of Girl Scouts and her first year of beginning to learn the ins and outs of basketball.  She loved it of course.  We also celebrated the traditional holidays as well.  My oven went out on Thanksgiving just as I turned it on to do the baking I needed to do.  Of all days in the entire year for an oven to go out.  But we survived that.  

My niece Olivia turned 6 in December.  A week before Christmas. Every year, when Ava or my nieces and nephews get another year older, I sit in wonder of where the last year has gone.  It goes by so quickly.  

We had a wonderful Christmas.  Ava got her first American Girl Doll.  She has been asking for one for the last couple of years and I knew she must really, really want one if she had been asking regularly. So she ended up getting the Julie one, but now that the new girl of the year doll is out, she would love to have her as well.  She sleeps with her doll every single night and plays with her daily.  So, definitely money well spent.  

This Christmas we made Gingerbread Houses with Ava and my niece and let's just say all was going fine until my niece's gingerbread house collapsed and wouldn't stay together!  The photo below seriously makes me giggle every time I see it. 

This year I finally caved and decided to introduce the Elf on a Shelf.  I couldn't get Ava one though and not have one for my niece Olivia.  So both girls got an Elf.  Let me just say these things really take work if you want to make them fun.  lol  But Ava and Olivia both loved having their own Elf.  

That is until they had to return home.  Our Elves didn't follow all the Elf rules though.  In fact, ours were quite rebellious.  Ava even slept with her each night and oh no I even let Ava hold her and play with her. Both girls were very sad to see their elves return to the North Pole.  In fact, Olivia had a little meltdown over it.  Poor kid...gingerbread houses collapsing and having to say see you later to her elf. What a tough Christmas for her.  lol

January for us has been crazy with the weather.  I think Ava had a good portion of this month off from school because of the weather.  We have had several -20+ degree days (with the wind chill) and snow, and more snow, but it's been so cold out it isn't even snow she can really play in too much.  And here we are again today, with if you guessed more snow this morning you would be right!  And we are supposed to be getting more snow and ice over the weekend.  She had school 2 days last week and she has had 3 days of school this week.  All the schools were out around here on Monday and Tuesday with how cold it has been.  I am ready to definitely say good-bye to winter and hello to spring.  I think we have just a little over 5 weeks until we get to set our clocks forward and daylight savings time begins! Can you tell I am really looking forward to nicer weather. lol  It cannot come soon enough.  This weather just makes me want to take a nap...and today's weather is perfect for that.