Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stuck Inside...

Since Friday, we've had, snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain, and then with that rain it has turned to ice.  Aside from picking up Girl Scout cookies and a pizza and salad for dinner, we've been sticking close to home. Especially since the rain turned to ice and with below freezing temps it doesn't look like it will be melting any time soon today.  Though I will go chip away at my car later since I do have to work tomorrow and I don't want to have to do that at 7 a.m.  

With all this snow and bitterly cold temps this year, Ava and I have spent a lot of time playing Skip-Bo.  This past week I even introduced her to the game Racko.  

She is a little card shark.  I love watching her mind at work when she is planning and thinking of how she is going to block me (Skip-Bo) or how she is going to line up her cards to win a game of Racko.  She is a natural and the competitor in me will not just let her win.  When she wins (and oh she does), it is a legitimate win. 

With being stuck home this weekend Ava also has started planning out her song she wants to audition with for the Spring Talent Show at her school.  This is the first year she is old enough to take part in it, and I have heard about the talent show for months.  The information for it came out in the school newsletter on Friday. 

So this was her on Friday writing out the lyrics and practicing the song.  She spent a long time doing this.  I am not sure if she will go through with the whole audition, since she knows she will have to perform by herself, on a stage, in front of a crowd, so all I can do is encourage her and support her either way.  She loves to sing though and loves music, so I am hoping she finds the courage to at least audition.

So that's been our weekend so far.  Today is Super Bowl Sunday!  We are cheering on the Broncos.  Would love to be cheering on the Bears, but eh, what can you do, at least the Packers aren't in it.  lol  The Seahawks have some players I really like but, definitely not a fan of Pete Carroll and I'd love to see Peyton Manning win anyway!  It's going to be a tough game though for the Broncos, but hoping they can pull out the WIN.   


  1. Ava is so amazing! I can't wait to hear if she follows though with the audition, and I hope she does!! Skip-bo is a great game!

  2. I hope she follows through with the audition!

  3. Hasn't this winter been awful? And to think that spring training starts next week! Card games are a great idea when you are stuck inside. Sounds like you have a little card shark there! How exciting that Ava wants to participate in the talent show! I hope you video tape it. Have a great week, Mandi!