Monday, March 10, 2014

Catching Up....

I feel like that is what I am always trying to do.  lol The last few weeks have just flown by.  Even with the crazy weather we have had here in Illinois.  Snow, Thunderstorms, Tornado Warnings, Ice, and even a couple nice sunny days thrown in too.  Today is supposed to be another nice one as well.  The high today is 65.  Now for tomorrow, that's a whole different story, snow, sleet, and who knows what else.  Welcome to Illinois! lol  Here are some of the things we've been up to the last couple weeks.  

I had a newborn photo session.  Less than 2 weeks old this little guy was.  This is my first little boy newborn I've photographed.  And he is actually the youngest I've ever photographed.  So that was exciting. He was awake about 99% of the time. lol  I did a maternity session for this family as well back in late November I think it was and was pleased to get to also do the newborn session.  I've attached a few photos from the session below.  

Ok so that was more than a few.  :)

As for Ava, she had ISAT's all last week.  This is her first year having to take the state standardized tests. She was excited to take them.  She came home the week before that when they were doing the pre-tests for ISAT's and said "Mom I think I am the only one in my class excited for these." lol  So last week she went into the tests not at all nervous.  I was thankful for that because there is so much pressure on them to do well and so many of the kids go into them so stressed out over them.  Of course, by the end of the week Ava was ready to be done with the tests, but she still likes them.  She did like not having any homework last week.  :)  What kid wouldn't.  We also found out last weekend who her softball coach will be this season and we were very glad she got the coach we wanted for her.  Whew!  So practices should start up here really soon if Mother Nature can decide that it should be nice out from here on out.  Spring Break starts for her next week.  So one more week of school and then a week off.  I am taking that week off from work as well.  Oh how I look forward to a week without an alarm clock!  

Last Monday, my oldest nephew turned 16.  Aaah! I cannot believe it. My sister and I threw him a surprise party at a local restaurant.  He came to my house after school and he had no idea what we had planned.  I thought maybe he would really wonder when one of my other nephews sent him a text asking him when the party was.  I was able to cover and be like oh we are just going out to eat when your Mom gets off work.  He bought it thankfully.  His face was priceless when he walked in and realized so much of our family and some family friends had show up just for him.  He doesn't get his license probably until the fall.  He had wrestling during the winter and so he decided he would wait to take Driver's Ed until this summer.  For being 16 he is in no hurry to get his license.  Which is just fine with me.  He has his permit and he is happy with that for now.  

 Happy 16th Birthday!

Celebrating Kylar's 16th Birthday with some of his cousins (Kaylee, Kylar, Haley, and Brycelynn) 

Kylar & Ava

This past weekend Ava took a painting class at the library.  She had so much fun.  She was able to have one of her best friends and a couple other friends from school in the class with her, which made it even more fun.  It was a canvas class where they were able to paint the Initial of their first name on it.  

Ava & Friends

And that is just some of the things that have kept us busy.  Oh and on another note, awhile back I mentioned Ava wanting to do the talent show, but I wasn't sure if she would follow through on the sign up.  Well she turned her form in to audition and we have auditions tonight.  We should find out later this week if she gets to do it or not.  It is 3rd - 8th grade who get to participate. So I am not sure if she will win a spot or not, but I am just so proud of her for being brave enough to even audition.  She has told me that even if she doesn't make the cut this year for the talent show, she will just keep trying and do it again next year.  So fingers crossed all works out.  Regardless of what happens, I am so proud of her already.

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  1. Ava is an amazing young lady, and you should be proud! I can't wait to hear how the auditions go!! Your nephew, Kylar, is a handsome young man and smart to put off getting his license for awhile. Good for him!! It is so good to catch up on your news, and the newborn photos are just adorable. You are so talented!! Ava gets it honestly!! :)