Saturday, March 29, 2014


What a crazy few weeks it has been since I last posted.  Even better, I've survived these past few weeks.  lol  In my previous post I mentioned Ava had auditions for her school talent show!  I am proud to say she made the cut.  So here in a little over a week she will be performing.  I am excited and nervous for her, and most of all extremely proud! She has quite the line up for family coming to watch her perform as well.  I hope the weather cooperates and she has a nice support network there for her! 

Two weeks ago was Spring Break for Ava at school and I took the week off.  We ended up going on a short trip to St. Louis and Hannibal Missouri for the past week.  We took along my 9 year old niece Alyssa with us as well.  We left on Tuesday early in the afternoon.  

Ava had never been to St. Louis yet, and as we were driving as soon as the Arch came into view, she teared up at how awesome it was.  This girl wears her heart on her sleeve I tell ya.  I love that she isn't afraid to show emotion and she truly sees and feels the beauty that surrounds her.  It is a joy to be able to experience these kinds of things with her.  

Our first official stop however was not in St. Louis or even the Arch.  That would have to wait.  We first checked into our hotel and then off we went to the American Girl Doll Store.  I had two girls who could barely contain themselves in the car. In fact, as soon as they saw the logo on the outside of the store, they erupted into squeals and screams of excitement.  I don't know that I've ever seen these two more excited over something in their entire lives. Their excitement of course was quite contagious.  

Walking into the store was a dream come true.  They held fast to their American Girl dolls (both have Julie).  They of course were in search of the latest girl of the year doll "Isabelle".  It's one thing to see her in a magazine, but to see her up close and in person...well that is a whole different story.  Of course, you can't go to an American Girl doll store with little girls just to look, they thought there were going to maybe get an outfit for their dolls they already had, but I had a big surprise in store for both girls!

They could get any doll of their choice.  Yes, a new American Girl doll...any one they wanted.  I am pretty sure I vaulted to the Best Mom and Best Aunt in the World charts quite quickly! They both opted for Isabelle (the girl of the year doll).  I couldn't leave my 6 year old niece out either, so I called her while there at the store and she picked Isabelle too. Then I let Alyssa and Ava get their dolls ears pierced.  Ava chose to pierce Julie's ears and Alyssa chose to pierce Isabelle's.  Olivia got hearing aids for her dolls like she has. Each doll was a big success with each of the girls!

3 dolls, 3 hairbrushes, ear piercing, and a set of hearing aids later, we said our good-byes to the American Girl Doll Store.  And this mama is glad that we do not have one of those stores in our city or within even an hour of us, because I would be in some serious trouble.  lol   For anyone though who does have little girls or granddaughters, I highly recommend checking out the actual store if you ever get the chance.  Definitely worth the trip and I do look forward to taking Ava back there again or maybe next time to the one in Chicago.

Afterwards we went to dinner and then headed back to our hotel so the girls could swim for awhile and play with their dolls before we called in a night!

And this is where I will call it a night for this post.  Will update more with our trip to Missouri in another post tomorrow.  :)


  1. You know you made some great memories for these three girls :)

  2. I can almost feel the excitement of the girls, from your descriptions!! What fun,and what great memories you made!! Thanks so much for catching us up on your wonderful news!!