Sunday, April 13, 2014

Talent Show...

Last Tuesday was Ava's Talent Show at school.  Originally she was supposed to sing "Roar" from Katy Perry.  Then the Friday before she changed the song to "Let It Go" from Frozen.  Of course, I already had a dress bought and a hair bow made for the Roar, song, but since she changed her song, I wanted to find the perfect dress for the Let It Go song.  Thankfully Von Maur had the perfect dress and I dare say it was meant to be since they had one left and in her size!  

The night before the talent show she had a rehearsal for the show and oh my how my little girl was nervous.  However, she got up there and performed her little heart out and it was the very first time she sang the song to only the instrumental version.  I was one very proud Mom.  The parents and other kids in the talent show were in awe of Ava's voice and her performance.  She received a huge response of claps and cheers for her rehearsal performance.  It brought me to tears watching her perform.  This little girl who was so painfully shy not so long ago.  After her rehearsal performance, I had parents I didn't know coming up to me telling me how awesome she did and how beautiful her voice is.  

The next night was the big night for the Talent Show.  Ava had so many friends from school who were coming to just watch her perform.  Also two of my aunts, my sister, and her two children where there to watch Ava perform as well.  I heard from parents before the show how their kids went on and on about Ava's rehearsal performance.  I was probably just as nervous for Ava, as she was to get up in front of a huge crowd to perform.  Not because I doubted her, but because I wanted people to see what I get to see at home with her.  When it was her turn to perform, I could tell she was nervous, and I was praying she would be able to get the words out and on time to the music.  

Here is the video of her performance.  The quality isn't the best and the volume on your speakers will need to be turned up.  The microphone they gave her was some how turned down, so it wasn't up like it should have been for her , but you can still hear her performance.  

I was beaming again with pride after her performance.  I don't know how I have been so blessed with such an amazing little girl.  On Wednesday I had so many friends and family asking for video of her performance. I received message of congratulations for Ava on her performance all day and night long.  I even received such a touching e-mail from Ava's teacher letting me know how touched he was by the students congratulating Ava all day from all different grades on her performance and how he was moved by their show of support and he said it was something he had never seen before.  I've even been encouraged from her teachers and music teachers to seek out enrolling her into different music programs.  It has definitely been an amazing week to say the least.  I hope you enjoy her first talent show performance and her first time singing in front of a crowd.  Her confidence is definitely growing.  :)