About Me

I wear a lot of "titles" but the one I wear the most proudly is "Mom, Momma, Mommy".  It is the one I am the most humbled by.  So unbelievable that God chose me to carry my beautiful daughter and to be her Mom.  I feel incredibly blessed.  Some days I feel overwhelmed, but at the end of each day, I know how blessed my life truly is to have her in my life every day.  To hear her say she loves me and smother me with kisses and hugs.  I have the most amazing little girl to share my life with and to have her share her life with me.  She makes me laugh every day...literally every day.  She is the best parts of me and the best parts of her Dad.  She is smart and caring and she is really creative.  She is my world.

I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt (2nd best title in the world), a niece, a friend, and so much more.  I enjoy photography and photographing people.  People I love and people I am just meeting for the first time.  Photographs are important to me because it simply says hey I was here. This is where I lived.  This is who I loved.  This is/was my life!  It is something we pass on from generation to generation and they can almost always tell a story for years and years to come. 

Every once in awhile I like to write.  Loved it as a child.  Still love it as an adult, but I have to be in the mood to write and I have to make the time to write.  Since it doesn't pay the bills, it is something that comes when I have free time.  You know between play dates, homework, softball, cheerleading, girl scouts, cooking, cleaning, and the million other things Mom's have to do.

I am an avid Fighting Illini and Chicago Bears football fan.  As is my daughter.  I am raising her well.  :)  We have other teams we like as well, but if they are ever playing the Bears or the Illini, we will always want the other teams to lose.  That's just how it goes!  

My house seems to always have kids in it that are either related or not related which is fine with me.  But there are always kids here. I raise Ava very similar to how I was raised, because I think my Mom did a pretty amazing job with my brothers, my sister, and me. We always had a house full of kids and our friends loved my Mom and I hope that is how it will be with Ava and her friends.  We had rules growing up and my Mom expected us to live by them and for our friends to live by them when they were in our home.  Same as with Ava. The most important lesson we live by is to have compassion and respect for others.  It makes the world a better place.  So that is a snippet of my life in a nutshell.  


  1. I am happy to meet you, Mandi. Kris Beaver directed me to you, thinking we would make a good connection here on Blogger. I moved here from Multiply, and am still finding my way. Please visit me at:


    1. Hi Terri. Nice to "meet" you. I checked out your blog today. Do you have a subscribe feature on your sidebar so I can follow your blog via my blogger dashboard? If you need any help figuring out blogger I'd be happy to try and help if I can. I've been using blogger for quite some time now. They recently made some changes to blogger so I am finding my way around those, but overall it's still the same. I find I am blogging a bit more frequently now that I have a little more time on my hands. Up until this past December I was caring for my Mom 5 days a week while my step-dad worked. My Mom has early onset Alzheimer's and in December we had to put her in a nursing home as she is now in the latter stages of her illness. So now that my daughter who just turned 7 is back in school, I am finding I have a little more time to myself. I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you. :)